how to get rid of grass in vegetable garden

how to get rid of grass in vegetable garden

How to Get Rid of Grass in Your Vegetable Garden

Having grass in your vegetable garden can be both a blessing and a curse. Although grass is natural and adds an attractive visual component to your garden, it can also compete with your vegetables for nutrients and water. Fortunately, there are several ways to control or get rid of grass that can both be effective and sustainable depending on your specific needs and situation.

Restricting Sunlight

The easiest and most efficient way to discourage the growth of grass in a vegetable garden is to limit the amount of sunlight that it receives. Some methods you can use to do this include:

  • Mulching: thoroughly spread a thick layer of mulch, such as straw, around your vegetable garden. This should allow you to restrict light to the grass without disturbing any existing vegetables.
  • Planting: plant a dense row of vegetables or other garden plants above and around the grass. The extra shading from the vegetables should prevent the grass from receiving enough sunlight to encourage growth.
  • Covering: cover the grass with a tarp or other soil-proof material to block out sunlight. This method can be used in combination with mulching or planting for an extra layer of protection. Additionally, you can add weights to the newspapers to help ensure that the area is completely covered.

Chemical Removal

If the amount of grass in your garden is too abundant to block out with natural methods, you may want to consider using a herbicide to help get rid of it. Be sure to take extra precautions when using herbicides near food sources, as these chemicals can be very dangerous and potentially hazardous.

A few of the most popular herbicides to use in vegetable gardens include glyphosate, acetic acid, and sodium chloride. Each of these should help to kill off the grass while also minimizing environmental and health hazards.

Coir Rolls

Finally, if you want to get rid of grass without using potentially hazardous chemicals, you may want to consider using coir rolls. Coir is a type of organic coconut fiber that can be used to form a thick mat that will limit the growth of grass. It is easy to lay, long-lasting, and doesn’t require the use of any harsh chemicals or fertilizers.


Getting rid of grass in your vegetable garden can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible task. By limiting the amount of sunlight it receives or using chemical herbicides, coir rolls, or a combination of methods, you can easily rid your garden of any unwanted grass.

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