how to get vegetables in ark

how to get vegetables in ark

Gathering Vegetables in ARK

Gathering is essential to surviving in ARK: Survival Evolved. Vegetables are a top-tier resource all players should try and obtain. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your vegetable-foraging:

Gathering Vegetables from Plants

The easiest way to get vegetables is by foraging from the plentiful plant life scattered across the island. Here are some ways to make the most of this resource:

  • Gather at the right times. Certain plants and flowers only produce vegetables during certain parts of the day, usually in the morning. Make sure to check the plants you come across and then come back later if needed.
  • Focus on plentiful areas. Some areas of the island have more vegetation than others, such as swamps, beaches, or grassy plains. Head to these areas to optimize your gathering.
  • Collect as many as possible. Vegetables spoil relatively quickly, with most lasting only a day or two in your inventory. Make sure to stock up as much as possible, since fresh vegetables are more valuable than spoiled ones and they stack up in your inventory.

Gathering Vegetables from Other Creatures

In addition to harvesting from plants, you can also get vegetables from certain creatures. This is not an ideal method due to its low-efficiency, but may be useful when desperate:

  • Gather from herbivorous creatures. Most herbivorous creatures in the game (such as Parasaurs and Dilophosaurs) produce vegetables upon death. Make sure to keep an eye out while hunting these creatures.
  • Search for vegetables in creature inventories. Certain creatures may also occasionally have a few vegetables in their inventory. This is particularly true for tamed creatures. Make sure to scavenge through creature inventories for any leftover vegetables.

Gathering vegetables can be tedious but is essential for surviving in ARK. Make sure to take every opportunity to forage and you’ll be sure to maximize your vegetable-gathering potential. Good luck!

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