how to keep dogs out of vegetable garden

how to keep dogs out of vegetable garden

How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Vegetable Garden

It can be difficult to keep your beloved pup away from your prized vegetable garden. Here are some ways to help keep your pup out of your vegetable beds:

Fence It In

If your pup likes to wander, a fence is the best way to keep them away from your vegetable garden. Make sure the fence is tall enough and dug down into the ground to prevent them from jumping over it. Additionally, it’s important to make sure the fence is sturdy enough to withstand your pup’s scratching or digging.

Mask Unappealing Scents

If your pup is attracted to the scent of vegetables in your garden, try using items like cayenne pepper, lemon peels, or dried garlic to mask the scent and deter your pup. It’s important to keep these away from the vegetables themselves in order to avoid contact with food.

Use Physical Barriers

To provide extra protection for your garden, use physical barriers such as large stones or even chicken wire around your beds. These will help create a physical barrier to keep your pup away, while still keeping your garden aesthetically pleasing and growing properly.

Give Your Pup an Alternative

Provide your pup with an alternative activity that will distract them from your vegetable garden. You can take your pup for walks, play fetch, or provide them with toy bones or sticks. By taking your pup’s focus off your garden it will help deter them from wanting to explore it in the first place.

Train Your Pup

If you’re up for the challenge, you can also train your pup to know their boundaries around the garden. This may take patience and consistency, but with a little time and understanding you can work with them to avoid your vegetable beds and keep your garden safe.

We know it’s hard to keep your pup away from your green thumb masterpiece, but with all these tips in mind, you can keep your pup and your vegetable garden in tip-top shape.

Happy Gardening!

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