how to keep grass out of vegetable garden

how to keep grass out of vegetable garden

How to Keep Grass Out of a Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardens can be a beneficial and enjoyable part of any yard or plot of land. However, as soon as your vegetables start to take off, you’ll need to protect them fromgrass and weeds. Even the smallest grass clump or the tiniest of shoots can steal valuable resources such as water and fertilizer from your vegetables and prevent them from growing to their full potential. Here are a few tips on how to keep grass out of your garden:

1. Soil Improvements

The health and quality of your soil plays a large part in preventing grass from intruding into your garden. Make sure you plan to enhance your soil before you get started with planting vegetables. The addition of compost, small amounts of sand and other elements can help significantly.

2. Landscape Fabric

Many vegetable growers lay down landscape fabric in the garden beds before planting. The fabric limits the growth of weeds in your garden, as it prevents lawn grass and weeds from getting established.

3. Mulch

You may also consider adding a thick layer of mulch to your garden beds to keep grass and other weeds out. You can use organic options such as hay, straw, bark or any number of other natural materials. Be sure to monitor your mulch levels throughout the growing season and add more as needed.

4. Plant Selection

Finally, what you plant in your garden will also play a role in how much grass you deal with. Planting dense vegetables such as tomatoes, squash and corn will ensure that there is little room left for grass and weeds to form.

Using these methods of prevention, you can keep your garden healthy and grass-free. When managed properly, you can look forward to enjoying your vegetables all season long!

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