how to prevent birds from eating vegetables

how to prevent birds from eating vegetables

How to Prevent Birds from Eating Your Vegetables

Birds can be pesky critters when it comes to your vegetable garden. But fear not, it is possible to prevent them from feasting on your garden treats. Here are some tips to help you keep birds away from your vegetables:

Scare Away Birds with Decoys

Using decoys can be a helpful tool when trying to scare birds away from your garden. Hang brightly colored objects like balloons, windsocks, streamers, or old CD’s to a nearby tree or post.

Spray Away the Hungry Bird’s

You may want to try spraying your vegetables with a predator deterrent. We like to use a mixture of water and Tabasco sauce. The spicy smell of the sauce should help keep birds away.

Use Netting

Covering your vegetable garden with bird netting is another great way to keep these pesky critters away. Be sure to secure the edges of the netting and check it periodically to make sure no birds have flown inside.

Add Plants That Birds Don’t Like

Birds generally don’t like plants with strong smells, prickly foliage, or unusual colors. Planting a variety of these plants near your vegetables can help keep birds away. Some examples are:

  • Pungent herbs like mint, lavender, or rosemary
  • Spiky flowers like single dahlias, foxgloves, or hollyhocks
  • Colorful vegetables like rainbow chard or onions with purple skin

With these tips you can easily prevent birds from eating your vegetables. Now you can enjoy your beautifully grown garden and watch other animals instead!

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