how to pronounce vegeta

how to pronounce vegeta

How to Pronounce Vegeta

The Japanese and Others

When pronouncing the Japanese version of the word, “Vegeta,” there is only one syllable involved – and you simply pronounce it “VEH-guh-tuh.”

English Speakers

English speakers can pronounce Vegeta two different ways. You can either pronounce it: Vuh-JEET-tuh or veh-JEET-tuh.

Tips for Pronouncing Vegeta

  • Put the Emphasis on the First Syllable: In either of the variants, the emphasis must be on the first syllable. Do not make the mistake of pronouncing it as “veh-juh-TEH-tuh” or “VUH-juh-TEH-tuh.”
  • Do Not Make the Second Syllable Too Long: When saying “Vegeta,” the second syllable should be short – a short “e” followed by a soft “tuh” sound. Do not make it longer, or the word becomes “VejuhTA” (VEH-juh-tah).
  • Be Careful When Saying the Final Syllable: The final syllable must also be pronounced correctly – with a short “uh” sound. Again, it should not be made too long, or it will become “Vegetah” (veh-JEHT-ah).

These tips should help you pronounce the word “Vegeta” correctly, no matter the variant. Good luck!

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