how to tell if vegetable broth is bad

how to tell if vegetable broth is bad

How to Tell if Vegetable Broth is Bad

Vegetable broth is often used in stews, soups and other recipes as a flavorful base. However, as with any food product, knowing when it has gone bad is essential to ensuring food safety. Here are some tips to help you tell if vegetable broth has gone bad.


The easiest way to tell if supermarket-bought broth is bad is to check the packaging for any abnormalities. If the package is swollen or dented, it may be an indication that the broth has gone bad. Additionally, if there is any visible separation or change in the broth’s color, this is another potential sign it has gone bad.

Smell and Texture

A second way to tell if vegetable broth has gone bad is to check the smell. If the broth smells sour or rancid, it is most likely no longer good to consume. In terms of texture, if the broth feels slimy or has developed lumps or clumps, it’s time to throw it out.


Finally, another way to tell if vegetable broth has gone bad is to check the expiration date. Most vegetable broth can last for several months when it is stored in the fridge. If the broth is past its expiration date, it is likely no longer safe to eat.

Best Practices

To ensure the freshness and safety of your vegetable broth, here are some best practices:

  • Store in the fridge: Vegetable broth should always be refrigerated to maximize its shelf-life.
  • Check expiration date: Always check the expiration date on the packaging before buying or consuming vegetable broth.
  • Check package: Make sure the packaging is not dented or swollen, as this is a sign the broth may have gone bad.

By following the tips outlined above, you will be able to tell when your vegetable broth has gone bad and avoid any potential food safety issues.

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