how to transition from vegetative to flowering

how to transition from vegetative to flowering

How to Transition from Vegetative to Flowering

Making the transition from vegetative to flowering is an important part of successful cannabis cultivation. All-around light intensity and duration are two of the most important elements of successful cannabis vegetative to flowering transition.

Steps for Transitioning from Vegetative to Flowering

  • Light Cycle:The first step in transitioning is to switch your grow lights from 18-24 hours of on-time per day to 12 hours of on-time and 12 hours of off-time. This signals to the cannabis plants to begin transitioning from vegetative growth to flowering/budding.
  • Nutrient Switch:Once you have set the lighting accordingly, you need to switch your feeding regiment to a bloom-specific nutrient schedule. Many growers will switch over to a 2-part nutrient blend like Example A&B.
  • Decrease Temp:As the cannabis plants transition to flowering, it is also important to decrease the temperature by a few degrees (around 5 degrees Fahrenheit). This helps replicate the seasonal change in temperature that would occur outdoors.
  • Increase Humidity: Decreasing the temperature is not enough to cause a plant to flower. In order to flower the cannabis plants require more moisture in the atmosphere. Increasing your relative humidity from 40-60 percent to 60-70 percent is important for proper bud formation.

Tips for Proper Flowering

  • Darkness is Critical: Having complete darkness for 12 hours is absolutely critical for your cannabis to transition from vegetative growth to flowering. Any amount of light during the 12 “off” hours of your day/night cycle can disrupt flowering.
  • Increase Air Flow & Ventilation: As the plants increase the size of their buds, they require increased levels of ventilation and air flow. Increasing the air flow helps to vent out excess moisture, heat, odors and carbon dioxide.
  • Provide Support:As flowering continues and the buds form and begin to fatten it is essential to add some sort of structure to your plants in order to provide additional of support. Adding stakes or string to hold up the buds ensures they will not break off due to their own weight.

By following the steps and tips above, you should be well positioned to successfully transition your cannabis from the vegetative stage to flowering and eventually bud formation.

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