is a mushroom a fruit or vegetable

is a mushroom a fruit or vegetable

Mushrooms: Fruits or Vegetables?

Mushrooms are an interesting food group that are considered their own distinct type of food by many people. But are mushrooms actually fruits or vegetables?

What Are Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are fungus, mostly found growing in dark, damp environments, such as in moist soil or rotten wood. They have a unique shape and some of them are edible, whereas others are poisonous.

Are Mushrooms Fruits or Vegetables?

Most people consider mushrooms to be vegetables, however, according to botany, mushrooms are actually a type of fruit.

This is because, unlike the majority of vegetables, mushrooms contain spores rather than seeds. Botanically speaking, all fruits contain spores, and since mushrooms contain spores, they are classified as fruits.

Why Are Mushrooms Considered as Vegetables?

There are several reasons why mushrooms are often considered as vegetables. First, because of their appearance. Mushrooms look a lot like other vegetables, such as tomatoes or bell peppers, and it’s easy to mistake them for a type of vegetable.

Second, because of how they are cooked. Mushrooms are often cooked in the same way as many other vegetables, and are used as ingredients in many salads or for stir-fry dishes.

Lastly, there is the fact that mushrooms are very low in calories, like many vegetables, making them a popular choice on many diets.


So while mushrooms look like vegetables and are often cooked like vegetables, botanically speaking, they are actually classified as a type of fruit. This means that the next time you are wondering “are mushrooms a fruit or a vegetable?” Now you know the answer!

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