is a mushroom considered a vegetable

is a mushroom considered a vegetable

Is a Mushroom Considered a Vegetable?

Mushrooms have long been associated with the vegetable category, but at the same time, have remained on the fringes. So, is a mushroom considered a vegetable or not?

The Terms of the Debate

Though mushrooms are widely considered a vegetable in the culinary world, they do not actually fit the scientific definition of a vegetable. To fit into that category, they would need to be an edible part of a plant that is either a fruit, root, tuber, stem, or leaf. Technically, a mushroom is none of those things.

Nutritional Value

A major misconception about mushrooms is that, because they are not a vegetable, they won’t provide the same level of nutrition found in other vegetables. However, mushrooms are full of essential vitamins and minerals. They are actually one of the few non-animal based sources of the vitamin B12, and even provide some dietary fiber.

What is in a Name?

The debate over whether or not a mushroom is a vegetable is a bit moot, as they are still considered a vegetable when it comes to dietary guidelines and food-based meal plans. In fact, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines classify mushrooms as vegetables.

Here is a quick overview of the benefits of including mushrooms in your diet:

  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals
  • A good source of dietary fiber
  • Provides a unique texture and flavor
  • Classified as a vegetable by the U.S. Dietary Guidelines

Though a mushroom may not fit into the scientific definition of a vegetable, it is still nutritionally and dietary valuable. As such, mushrooms are generally thought of as part of the vegetable category.

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