is a peanut a fruit or vegetable

is a peanut a fruit or vegetable

The Peanut: A Fruit or Vegetable?

The peanut is a common grocery store staple, found in everything from desserts to main course dishes. However, one fundamental question remains: Is the peanut a fruit or vegetable?

The Peanut’s Nature

Scientifically speaking, the peanut is an edible seed from the legume family. A legume is classified as a type of vegetable, due to the root system and pod formation. However, the peanut is often referred to as a fruit since it contains many characteristics of a plant’s fruit.

The Peanut’s Characteristics

In order to understand the nature of the peanut, let’s look at its characteristics. The peanut contains:

  • Seeds: Peanuts are made of two seed parts.
  • Ovary: It has an ovary, which is part of the “fruiting body” or ripened ovule.
  • Shallow Roots: The peanut has shallow roots, which connect it to the soil.

These characteristics demonstrate that a peanut is more similar to a fruit than a vegetable.


To conclude, the peanut can be categorized as both a fruit and a vegetable. Its botanical nature classifies it as a vegetable, while its characteristics point to it being a fruit. Regardless, the peanut is a delicious and nutritious addition to any meal.

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