is an apple a vegetable or fruit

is an apple a vegetable or fruit

Is an Apple a Vegetable or Fruit?

Apple is among the most commonly consumed fruits all around the world, yet as to whether or not it is a vegetable or a fruit, there is still a lot of confusion.

Vegetable VS Fruit

Vegetables are parts of plants that are consumed as food, from root vegetables to salads greens. On the other hand, fruits are botanically distinct from vegetables; they usually have thin skin, sweet taste and are usually eaten raw.

So, Is an Apple a Vegetable or Fruit?

The answer to this question is neither and both at the same time. An apple is a fruit, by the way it is classified in botany, as it has several of the characteristics that define a fruit; has a core, thin skin, edible, and is sweet in taste.

At the same time, it is also considered a vegetable, due to its savory flavor, that is similar to that of vegetables, and its use in cooking to prepare dishes, sauces and lastly, as an ingredient in salads.


In conclusion, while an apple is classified as a fruit due to its botanical characteristics, it is both a fruit and a vegetable since it can be treated in both a sweet and a savory way.

Below are some of the most common ways to prepare an apple:

  • Baking
  • Boiling
  • Dicing
  • Frying
  • Adding to salads
  • Cutting for fruit cups or fruit salads
  • Simmering with other vegetables

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