is an egg a fruit or vegetable

is an egg a fruit or vegetable

Is an Egg a Fruit or Vegetable

Eggs seem to be a confusing item for some when it comes to classifying them as either a fruit or vegetable. However, this debate has an answer!

So, Is an Egg a Fruit or Vegetable?

No, an egg is not a fruit or vegetable.

Classifying an Egg

An egg is classified according to its purpose and formation in the natural world. Eggs are considered a type of food known as an animal product because they come from an animal source and are consumed by humans.

Types of Eggs

There are two main types of eggs that are commonly eaten. These are:

  • Chicken Eggs: These are the most popular eggs and are laid by hens. They come in many sizes, from large to extra-large.
  • Duck Eggs: The second commonly eaten egg is the duck egg. They are bigger than chicken eggs and have a higher fat and protein content.

Eggs can also be classified by their color. White or brown eggs are produced by hens, while green and blue eggs are laid by duck and quail.


In conclusion, eggs are neither fruits nor vegetables. They are a type of animal product and can be further classified by type and color.

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