is an olive a fruit or a vegetable

is an olive a fruit or a vegetable

Is an Olive a Fruit or a Vegtable?

It can be tricky knowing which category your food belongs to, particularly when it comes to the ever-so-divisive olive! So, is an olive a fruit or a vegetable?

The Answer

Yes and no! Olives are technically fruits since they come from a tree and contain small, edible seeds. However, when used in cooking, they are mainly categorized as vegetables.

More on Olives

There are a variety of olives, including green, yellow, black and brown. Most of the olives you find in supermarkets are picked green and then cured to become black or brown. There are several ways of curing olives, including brine-curing and fermentation.

Most families add olives to their meals for flavouring, or to make their favourite dishes a bit healthier. Olives contain good fats and several minerals, such as iron and vitamin E. They can also help you to keep your weight in check, since they contain very little calories.

In Summary:

  • Botanically speaking, olives are fruits.
  • Culinarily speaking, they are usually categorised as vegetables.
  • Olives are full of nutritious benefits and their flavour compliments many dishes.

In conclusion, olives are versatile, nutritional and delicious ingredients that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

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