is apple a vegetable

is apple a vegetable

Is an Apple a Vegetable?

Most people have heard the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but do you know if an apple is actually a vegetable?

What is a Vegetable?

The scientific name for a vegetable is herbaceous plant. This classification includes all plants that don’t develop woody tissue as they mature and die back every year. Thus, plants such as asparagus, corn, potatoes, and lettuce are all considered vegetables.

Is an Apple a Vegetable?

Surprisingly, no, an apple is not a vegetable. An apple is a fruit. Fruits are developed from the flowering part of the plant and contain the seeds or pits inside of them.

Types of Fruits

Fruits are categorized into two main categories:

  • Citrus Fruits – These include oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits.
  • Non-Citrus Fruits – This group includes apples, pears, bananas and grapes, etc.

Fruits are also divided by their physical characteristics, such as the soft fruits, stone fruits and berries.

Health Benefits of Fruits

Fruits are an important part of a well-rounded diet, as they provide valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber. Eating a variety of fruits can reduce a person’s risk of developing certain health conditions and can also provide many other health benefits.


We can conclude that an apple is not a vegetable, but rather a fruit. It is important to incorporate fruits into your diet for various health benefits.

Remember, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

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