is broccoli a man-made vegetable

is broccoli a man-made vegetable

Is Broccoli a Man-Made Vegetable?

Broccoli has become one of the most popular vegetables in the modern diet, but is it a man-made vegetable?

Origin of Broccoli: Wild Or Cultivated?

The true origin of broccoli is disputed. Some claim that it has always existed in the wild and is a wild vegetable that has been consumed for centuries. Others say that it is a man-made vegetable that was created through cross-breeding of other vegetables.

The Evidence

There is evidence to support both sides of the argument. Here are some of the facts:

  • Cultivated Broccoli: It is believed that broccoli was created by the Romans as a cross between wild cabbage and a turnip about 2,000 years ago.
  • Wild Broccoli: There are several varieties of wild broccoli that are found today in the Mediterranean region. Some are similar to modern cultivated broccoli, while others are very different.
  • Genetics: Studies of the genetic material of wild and cultivated broccoli suggest that the two varieties are closely related.


Whether it is man-made or not, there is no denying that broccoli is an important part of the modern diet. It is full of nutrition, it is low in calories and it is a great way to add flavor and texture to many dishes. So,whatever its origin, let’s be thankful for this great vegetable!

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