is broly vegeta’s brother

is broly vegeta’s brother

Is Broly Vegeta’s Brother?

Vegeta is one of the most iconic characters in the world of manga and Dragon Ball Super. He is the prince of all Saiyans and the strongest in the universe. He has had many adventures and battles throughout the years, but he has one possible relative that many fans are curious about — Broly. Is Broly Vegeta’s brother, or is there some other connection between them?

Theories on the Relation between Vegeta and Broly

There are several theories that suggest that Broly and Vegeta could be related in some way. One possible theory suggests that Vegeta and Broly could have a shared Saiyan ancestor, though this has not been confirmed in canon. Other fans believe that Broly could be distant relative or that they were somehow related in a previous life. There is also a popular fan theory that suggests that Broly and Vegeta were actually brothers in one of the many timelines of the Dragon Ball universe.

The Official Canon

While these theories are interesting and fan speculation is always fun, there currently is nothing in the official canon that suggest that Vegeta and Broly are related. The two characters have never met in any of the sources material and Broly has never been officially confirmed to be related to the Saiyan prince.

That said, it is certainly possible that there is a connection between Vegeta and Broly, and only time will tell if it will be explored in future episodes. Until then, however, it is safe to say that Broly is not Vegeta’s brother.


In conclusion, there is no official answer as to whether or not Broly is Vegeta’s brother. Though there are some theories about their potential relation, these are not confirmed in the canon. Until further notice, it is safe to say that Broly is not Vegeta’s brother.

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