is bulma taller than vegeta

is bulma taller than vegeta

Is Bulma Taller than Vegeta?

Bulma and Vegeta are two popular characters from the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Fans of the series are oftentimes curious about their size difference. In this article, we will be discussing whether or not Bulma is taller than Vegeta.

How Tall Is Bulma?

According to her official profile, Bulma is 5’5” tall (165 cm).

How Tall Is Vegeta?

Vegeta’s official profile details his height as 5’3” (152 cm).


To answer the question posed, yes, Bulma is taller than Vegeta by 2 inches (approximately 13 cm).

Other Size Differences

There are a few other size differences between the two characters:

  • Bulma has blue eyes while Vegeta’s are black.
  • Bulma is of slender build, while Vegeta is heavily muscular.
  • Bulma’s hair is a light shade of purple, while Vegeta’s is black.
  • Bulma’s skin is light while Vegeta’s is a tan color.

No matter their size differences, it’s clear that Bulma and Vegeta love each other deeply. They always stick together and have each other’s backs, which is why they have become fan-favorite characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

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