is coffee a vegetable

is coffee a vegetable

Is Coffee a Vegetable?

Most people would agree that, when thinking of vegetables, coffee doesn’t usually come to mind. But is coffee really a vegetable? Let’s take a look.

Coffee’s Botanical Classification

Coffee is classified botanically as a fruit. The seed of the coffee plant is what is used to make the coffee that we drink. Other fruits that are commonly classified as veggies include tomatoes, peppers, and avocados.

Nutritional Value

Coffee beans have practically no nutritional value, meaning that it is not a vegetable and does not count towards your recommended daily servings of vegetables. Coffee is usually known for its caffeine, which is a stimulant found in coffee beans.

A Few Differences

Vegetables are typically eaten as part of a meal and provide various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Coffee beans are not edible, even in roasted or ground form. Additionally, vegetables typically have some type of sweetness or flavor to them, while coffee is bitter.


So, is coffee a vegetable? The answer is no. Coffee beans are actually fruits, and are not edible. They also have no nutritional value and are usually known for their caffeine content. So, the next time someone asks you if coffee is a vegetable, you know the answer.

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