is corn a man made vegetable

is corn a man made vegetable

Corn; Man-Made or Natural?

The debate as to whether corn is a man-made or natural vegetable has existed for some time. For many, corn is the quintessential American crop, and it is hard to believe that one of the world’s most popular food crops is a product of genetic manipulation.

The History of Corn

Corn is thought to have first originated in the region of modern-day Mexico. The wild variety of this grain, known as teosinte, had hard shells with very little kernel. Over thousands of years, this grain was cultivated and modified until the larger, sweet corn we know and love today was created. This process of genetic modification is thought to have begun as early as 6,000 years ago.

Genetic Modification

In the modern era, genetic modification of corn has continued in order to create each iteration of the crop. The process of genetic modification involves isolating and recombining genes inside a lab. This manipulation and transfer of genes from one organism to another is what can truly be defined as “man-made”.


In conclusion, while corn is a naturally occurring grain, it has been thoroughly modified and manipulated by humans in order to create the types of corn we know today. This would suggest that corn, while natural in origin, is a man-made vegetable.

Key Points :

  • Corn first originated in modern-day Mexico.
  • The process of genetic modification of corn started as early as 6,000 years ago.
  • Genetic modification of corn continues to create better iteration of the crop.
  • While corn is natural, it is also a man-made vegetable.

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