is egg a fruit or vegetable

is egg a fruit or vegetable

Egg: The Fruit or Vegetable Debate

There is a long-standing debate over whether egg can be considered a fruit or a vegetable.

The Arguments for Eggs as a Fruit

The most common argument for eggs as a fruit revolves around how the egg is produced by a plant. Many argue that since the egg comes from a plant, it should technically be considered a fruit.

  • Eggs come from the ovaries of flowering plants. Flowering plants are the primary producers of all fruits, and eggs are produced from the female parts of these plants.
  • Eggs have several of the same nutrients as fruits. Eggs contain healthy fats and proteins, as well as vitamin A, vitamin E, and carotene, which are also found in many fruits.

The Arguments for Eggs as a Vegetable

People who favor the argument that eggs should be considered a vegetable base their argument on the fact that eggs are generally not sweet like other fruits.

  • Eggs are not sweet like other fruits. Unlike other fruits, eggs are not sweet to the taste and don’t contain any sugar, which is why some people argue that they should be considered a vegetable.
  • Eggs are used in savory dishes, not desserts. Eggs are traditionally used in savory dishes, not in desserts. This has led some people to believe that eggs should be classified as a vegetable.

Overall, the debate over whether eggs are fruits or vegetables is still ongoing. No matter what side of the debate you are on, one thing is for sure: eggs are a nutritious and delicious part of any diet!

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