is it too late to start a vegetable garden

is it too late to start a vegetable garden

Is It Too Late To Start a Vegetable Garden?

Passionate gardeners, amateur chefs, and green thumbs alike can all agree: there is something special about harvesting vegetables right from your own backyard. But if you’re looking to start a garden for the first time, is it too late?

Tips For Late-Summer Planting

If you’re determined to pursue a vegetable garden, here are some practical tips to ensure success:

  • Choose the Right Crops: Look for vegetables with fast-growing cycles including radishes, green beans, lettuce, and Swiss chard.
  • Prioritize Sunlight: Choose varieties that don’t require too much sunlight such as arugula, corn, and okra.
  • Prepare Your Soil: Before planting, test your soil and consider adding compost, fertilizer, or lime.
  • Transplant Instead of Seed: Find a nursery where you can purchase seedlings, as they’ll get a head start on the harvest season.


Planting a vegetable garden late in the season may seem daunting, but it is still possible if you plan ahead and take the proper steps. Armed with the right knowledge, and the right crops, you can still enjoy the fruits of your labor – or vegetables, in this case – and the satisfaction that comes with cultivating them yourself.

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