is lemon fruit or vegetable

is lemon fruit or vegetable

Lemon: A Fruit or a Vegetable?

There is a lot of debate about whether lemons are a fruit or a vegetable. After all, when it comes to cooking and preparing meals, lemons are often classified alongside vegetables! So is it really a fruit or vegetable?

The Classification of Lemons

Scientifically speaking, lemons are classified as a fruit because they have the following characteristics:

  • Contain seeds – Just like most types of fruit, lemons contain seeds.
  • Are botanically a berry – Botanically, lemon is classified as a berry.
  • Have a sweet and sour taste – Lemons have a distinctive sweet and sour taste, which is characteristic of other types of fruit.

Culinary Use of Lemon

Despite its classification as a fruit, lemons are widely used in cooking and often referred to as a vegetable. This is because of its acidic and tart taste, which can be used to complement many flavors.

Lemon juice is often added to dishes like pasta salads and marinades to make them more flavorful. Lemon zest can be used to give desserts a great citrusy flavor. Lemons are also often used to make savory sauces, such as lemon butter and lemon, garlic, and herb sauces.


In conclusion, lemons are botanically classified as a fruit, although they are often used as a vegetable in cooking. So whether you consider lemons a fruit or a vegetable, they can be a great addition to many dishes!

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