is lemon fruit or vegetable

is lemon fruit or vegetable

Is lemon a fruit or a vegetable?

Although it is commonly referred to as a fruit, the lemon is in fact both a fruit and a vegetable. Botanically, the lemon is considered a berry with a rough and thick skin like other citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, and limes.


In its culinary aspect, lemon is seen as a fruit:

  • Edible – The flesh of lemons can be eaten whole or used to flavor food and drinks.
  • Juicy – The flesh of lemon is juicy and highly acidic.
  • Sweet – Though lemons are filled with a tart juice, their flavor also has a hint of sweetness.


In its botanical aspect, lemon is a vegetable:

  • Non-sweet –Though it has sweet notes, lemons contain no sugar.
  • Rich in Vitamin C – Lemons have a particularly high concentration of Vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Stem and leaves present – The lemon tree has yellow flowers, stems, and leaves; it is not just the fruit that can be consumed.

It is for these reasons that the lemon is widely considered both a fruit and a vegetable. Nutritionally, the lemon is a powerhouse, making it an important part of daily diets for many people. Lemons are a versatile addition to any meal and can also be used for a variety of medicinal and other purposes.

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