is lime a fruit or a vegetable

is lime a fruit or a vegetable

Is Lime a Fruit or a Vegetable?

Confusion exists as to whether limes are classified as a fruit or a vegetable. The answer depends on the context in which you are referring to the lime. For culinary purposes, limes are typically considered to be a fruit. If you are merely looking for a scientific classification, then limes would be considered a vegetable.

Culinary Classification

When referring to limes from a culinary point of view, they are typically classified as a type of citrus fruit. This is because limes are typically eaten as a snack whole, can be used to make a variety of dishes, or can be used as a garnish on a variety of foods. Furthermore, many recipes will list them as “fruits.”

Scientific Classification

If you are looking at limes from a purely scientific point of view, then they would be considered a type of vegetable. This is because limes will be considered a fruit if they contain seeds, while limes are seedless and, therefore, are considered vegetables.


In conclusion, although limes can be classified in different ways depending on the context, they are generally considered to be both a fruit and a vegetable. This is because when used for cooking, limes are typically considered to be a fruit, while from a scientific point of view, limes are classified as a vegetable due to their lack of seeds.

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