is milorganite good for vegetable gardens

is milorganite good for vegetable gardens

Is Milorganite Good For Vegetable Gardens?

Organic gardening is becoming a popular way for many people to enjoy fresh, healthy produce in their own backyard. One of the most popular organic fertilizers is Milorganite. But is it really good for vegetable gardens?

What Is Milorganite?

Milorganite is an organic fertilizer made from recycled sewage sludge. It contains a combination of minerals, nutrients, and beneficial micro-organisms that help improve the soil and health of your plants.

Benefits Of Milorganite For Vegetable Gardens

Milorganite has several benefits when it comes to vegetable gardens:

  • It is Slow-Release: The nutrients in Milorganite are released slowly, over time, providing your plants with a steady supply of essential nutrients for their entire growth cycle.
  • It Contains Beneficial Micro-organisms: Milorganite contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which helps your plants take up more nitrogen from the soil and reduces the need to fertilize.
  • It Improves Soil Structure: Milorganite helps improve the structure of your soil, which can help reduce compaction and increase air and water penetration.
  • It is Pet-Friendly: Unlike synthetic fertilizers, Milorganite is non-toxic and pet-friendly, making it a great choice for gardeners who want to keep their pets safe.


Milorganite is a great choice for vegetable gardens. It is slow-release, contains beneficial micro-organisms, improves soil structure, and is pet-friendly. With these benefits, Milorganite can help your vegetable garden grow healthy and strong.

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