is orange a fruit or vegetable

is orange a fruit or vegetable

Is Orange a Fruit or a Vegetable?

Many people can get confused when asked to tell the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. Specifically, one often asked question is; “is orange a fruit or a vegetable?”.

What Makes a Fruit?

Fruits are classified botanically as a :

  • Seed Bearing Organ. A fruit must contain a seed or seeds in order to be categorized as a fruit.
  • Develop from a Flower. A fruit must grow from a flower or flowers in order to be a fruit.
  • Nutritive Ovary. Fruits contain nutritive parts such as seeds, pulp, and skin.

Is Orange a Fruit?

With these three characteristics in mind, we can confidently say that yes, oranges are a fruit. Oranges contain seeds, they are developed from a flower and they contain the nutritive parts that are needed to be classified as a fruit.


So therefore, to answer the initial question; is orange a fruit or a vegetable? The answer is it is definitely considered a fruit.

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