is peanut a vegetable

is peanut a vegetable

Is Peanut a Vegetable?

It is often debated whether considering peanut a vegetable is correct or not. So to answer this, let’s find out what the experts say.

Nutritionists Say

Nutritionists define vegetables as plant-based foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Since peanuts are technically a legume or seed and not a vegetable, they cannot be classified as a vegetable according to this definition.

Botanists Say

On the other hand, botanists consider peanut as an edible seed of a plant in the legume family. It is scientifically classified as an oilseed rather than a vegetable, which means it’s technically not a veg. But because it is grown as an annual crop, it is commonly referred to as a vegetable.

Taxonomists Say

Taxonomically, a peanut belongs to the Fabaceae family, Pisum genus and was given the Arachis hypogaea species name due to its ground-based production. Therefore, it is ultimately not considered a vegetable.

What they all agree on?

They all agree that although it contains the same essential vitamins and minerals as vegetables, it’s not a vegetable because of its botanical and nutritional composition. Here are a few points that make it different from a vegetable:

  • It is botanically a fruit.
  • It is a seed and not a leafy-green.
  • It is a nut and not the root, stem, or flower of a plant.
  • It does not have the same amount of vitamins and minerals as a vegetable.

So, to sum up the discussion, peanut is not a vegetable according to nutritionists, botanists, and taxonomists, despite it being an annual crop and packed with essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

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