is repels all safe for vegetables

is repels all safe for vegetables

Is Repels All safe for vegetables?

Using Repellents All is a common way of deterring pests away from vegetable gardens. But are they safe for those plants?

Here you’ll find out whether it’s safe to use this popular product on your vegetable plants, or if you need to try a different approach to pest control.

Pros of Repellents All

Repellents All is known to be effective in repelling all kinds of pests, including beetles, aphids, mites, and more. It also has several pros that make it a popular choice for gardeners:

  • It’s easy to apply
  • It’s safe for use on food plants, including vegetables, fruit, and herbs
  • It can last for up to 6 weeks when applied correctly
  • It repels many kinds of crawling and flying insects

The Risk of Repellents All

Although it’s generally considered to be safe for use on food plants, there are still risks associated with Repellents All.

  • It’s a synthetically-produced chemical, so it can be an environmental pollutant if it’s not used properly.
  • It can cause skin irritation if it comes into contact with skin.
  • It can damage certain vegetable plants if used in too large of a concentration.
  • It can also damage other beneficial insects if it’s used too liberally.


Overall, Repellents All is generally considered to be safe for use on vegetable plants when used in accordance with the directions, but it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with it. If you’re concerned about using a chemical-based product on your vegetable plants, you might want to consider other options, such as using natural repellents like garlic or dish soap, or taking preventative measures such as crop rotation and crop rotation.

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