is swanson vegetable broth vegan

is swanson vegetable broth vegan

Is Swanson Vegetable Broth Vegan?

Vegetable broth is the perfect foundation for soups, vegetarian dishes, and other vegan-friendly recipes. Many vegans rely heavily on the convenience of store-bought broth for their creations, so it is essential to know which brands offer vegan-friendly products.

One popular choice is Swanson Vegetable broth. While it is hard to find specific ingredients listed on the label, it is still possible to determine if the product is vegan-friendly.

Official Ingredients List for Swanson Vegetable Broth

The official ingredients list for Swanson Vegetable Broth states the following:

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Dehydrated Vegetables (Carrot, Celery, Onion)
  • Yeast Extract
  • Canola Oil
  • Flavoring
  • Caramel Color
  • Potato Starch
  • Tomato Paste

Is Swanson Vegetable Broth Vegan?

Based on this list of ingredients, Swanson Vegetable Broth is considered vegan. None of the ingredients contain any animal products, and the product is not tested on animals prior to release. The broth is also certified Kosher.

Vegan-friendly alternatives for Swanson Vegetable Broth include Pacific Foods Organic Vegetable Broth, Health Valley Organic No-Chicken Broth, and Imagine Foods Vegetarian No-Chicken Broth.


Swanson Vegetable Broth is indeed vegan-friendly. This makes it an ideal choice for those who are following a vegan diet, as it does not contain any animal-based ingredients or products tested on animals. It is also certified Kosher, so it can easily be incorporated into meat-free dishes.

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