is vegeta scared of worms

is vegeta scared of worms

Is Vegeta Scared of Worms?

It is a question that has been asked many times in the Dragonball universe: Is Vegeta scared of worms? Vegeta is a powerful warrior who isn’t afraid of much, so it would seem unlikely that he would fear a small, slimy creature like a worm. However, some fans have been wondering whether or not there is some truth to the notion that Vegeta is scared of worms.

Evidence That Vegeta Is Scared of Worms

There have been several moments in Dragonball Z where Vegeta appears to be uncomfortable when worms are present, particularly when they are large or moving quickly.

  • He Refuses to Eat Worms: Vegeta has been known to reject food containing worms, such as the food provided by Korin. In this instance, Vegeta refused to eat the food because it contained worm-like shapes, indicating that he wasn’t comfortable with them.
  • He Avoids Them: On numerous occasions, Vegeta has made a conscious effort to avoid worms, such as by taking a longer route to avoid a patch of worms on the ground. This suggests that the mere presence of worms bothers him.
  • He Expresses Discomfort: There have been several instances in which Vegeta has expressed discomfort when worms are present, such as when he is forced to fight an army of underground worms in an episode of Dragonball Z.

Other Explanations For Vegeta’s Uncomfortableness

While the evidence above might lead some people to believe that Vegeta is in fact scared of worms, there are other explanations that could explain why he appears to be uncomfortable when worms are present.

  • Aversion to Fighting Weak Opponents: Some fans believe that Vegeta is not actually scared of worms, but rather he is simply not interested in fighting weak opponents. For Vegeta, worms are considered to be weak and beneath his level, so he would rather avoid them than fight them.
  • The Gross Factor: It is possible that Vegeta simply finds worms to be gross and therefore he avoids them. After all, they are slimy and often found in dark, damp places.
  • An Abnormal Fear: While this is the least likely explanation, it is possible that Vegeta does in fact have an abnormal fear of worms. Some people can develop a fear of things that most would not consider to be scary, and Vegeta may be one of those people when it comes to worms.


Ultimately, it is difficult to say whether Vegeta is scared of worms or not. While there is some evidence to suggest that he is, there are also other explanations that could explain why he appears to be uncomfortable around them. We may never know for sure, but it is certainly an interesting question to ponder!

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