is vegeta scared of worms

is vegeta scared of worms

Is Vegeta Scared of Worms?

We all know Vegeta as the powerful, brash and often arrogant Saiyan prince. He’s been known to take on difficult challenges and overpower enemies with his brute force and strength. But is Vegeta scared of worms?

Vegeta’s Reputation

Vegeta is no stranger to fear, having experienced some of the most harrowing battles in the entire Dragon Ball universe. His fearlessness would lead one to believe that worms would be the least of his worries.

Vegata’s Fear

Despite his reputation, Vegeta is not immune to being scared of something. In fact, in one particular instance, Vegeta openly expresses his fear of worms! Though the situation is quite humorous, it is clear that Vegeta’s fear of worms has been established.

Vegeta’s Explanation

When asked why he was so scared of worms, Vegeta explained that they were slimy, unpredictable creatures that have the potential to surprise you in a very uncomfortable way. This sends chills down the spine of the seemingly fearless Saiyan prince.


In conclusion, it appears that Vegeta is definitely scared of worms, though we may never fully understand why. Nonetheless, it’s comforting to know that even the strongest warriors in the universe have fears that they must face.


  • Vegeta also expresses a fear of rodents in the series.
  • Vegeta also has a fear of ghosts.
  • Vegeta is not fazed by traditional fears like heights, water, or the dark.

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