is vegetable oil a good lube

is vegetable oil a good lube

Vegetable Oil as a Lubricant

Vegetable oil has a range of uses in the kitchen, but its benefits stretch even further – in this article, we’ll discuss using vegetable oil as a lubricant.

Why Use Vegetable Oil?

Vegetable oil is known to be safe and nontoxic. It is also cheaper than synthetic lubricants. As such, it is often used as an alternative to traditional lubricants.


Vegetable oil has a range of applications:

  • Home – it is often used for door hinges, drawer slides and locks.
  • Automotive – it can be used for the battery terminals, spark plugs, and other parts.
  • Industrial – it can be used for machines and tools.


However, vegetable oil has several drawbacks as a lubricant. It is hydroscopic and low in viscosity, meaning that it can attract dirt and dust, reducing its lubrication quality. It is also prone to oxidation, and its consistency can change over time.


Vegetable oil is an attractive alternative to more expensive synthetic lubricants. However, its drawbacks mean that it is often not the optimal choice for certain applications. In summary, although vegetable oil can be a suitable lubricant in certain scenarios, it may not be the most appropriate solution for everyone’s needs.

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