is vegetable oil safe for cats

is vegetable oil safe for cats

Is Vegetable Oil Safe For Cats?

Vegetable oil is a popular cooking ingredient used in many recipes, but what about feeding it to pets? While veterinarians generally discourage feeding any type of oil to cats, they also indicate that vegetable oil might be an exception.


It is essential to note that pet food is designed to provide cats with necessary nutrients. There are certain rules to follow when it comes to cats’ diets, and feeding your cat vegetable oil should be done in moderation and only if it’s necessary. Moreover, it’s recommended to ask your vet first, especially if you intend to feed your cat vegetable oil on a regular basis. Cats might experience abdominal discomfort and other health issues if their diet is regularly supplemented with vegetable oil.


However, vegetable oil does come with certain benefits for cats. One of these is improved skin and fur health, thanks to added healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins. Additionally, it can reduce the risks of dermatological issues in cats, such as hair loss, itchiness, dry skin, and dandruff.


When feeding your pet vegetable oil, make sure to dilute it if adding it to their food. Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • Type of oil – use vegetable oil specifically labelled for pets
  • Quantity – always consider the cat’s size and age
  • Storage – store oil in a cool place
  • Conditions – be aware of the cat’s medical condition

In conclusion, it is generally safe to feed cats vegetable oil, as long as the quantity is balanced and the type suitable for cats. It is often recommended to ask your vet first and determine the right type and quantity, to make sure your pet gets the necessary nutrition.

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