is vegetable soup gluten free

is vegetable soup gluten free

Is Vegetable Soup Gluten Free?

The age-old question: is vegetable soup gluten free? Well, the answer can be fairly complex, as it really depends on the type of soup as well as the recipe used to make it.

Is Homemade Vegetable Soup Gluten Free?

When making homemade vegetable soup, you can make it completely gluten free by making sure you use all gluten free ingredients. Here are some of the ingredients to look out for:

  • Flour – Make sure you use gluten free flour to thicken the soup.
  • Stock or Broth – If you’re using store bought stock, double check that it doesn’t contain wheat or barley products, which are high in gluten.
  • Seasonings – Some pre-packaged seasonings contain gluten and should be avoided.
  • Beans – Beans are gluten free, but you should check the packaging to make sure none of the processing ingredients contained gluten.
  • Vegetables – All vegetables are naturally gluten free, but if you’re purchasing them frozen or from a can, you should double check that no gluten containing ingredients were added during processing.

If you’re conscientious about your ingredients, you can make an absolutely delicious and completely gluten free homemade vegetable soup!

Are Store Bought Vegetable Soup Gluten Free?

The answer here is a bit more tricky. Many store bought soups may contain ingredients that are not gluten free. If there is a gluten allergy, then it is best to call the manufacturer to double check the ingredients, as some products may vary from store to store. Also, beware of any products that include barley, wheat, or rye as these are high in gluten and should be avoided.


In conclusion, vegetable soup can be made gluten free, as long as you make sure to use all gluten free ingredients. If you purchase store bought vegetable soup, it is important to research and double check the ingredients list for any gluten containing products.

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