is vegetable tempura vegan

is vegetable tempura vegan

Is Vegetable Tempura Vegan?

Vegetable Tempura is a popular dish that can be found both at restaurants and in Japanese supermarkets. Whether or not it is vegan, though, depends on the ingredients used and how it is prepared.

Ingredients Used

Typically, vegetable tempura consists of:

  • Vegetables (such as green beans, onion, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, eggplants, carrots, bell peppers)
  • Batter (made of flour, egg, water and often seasonings)
  • Oil (for deep frying)

As long as no dairy or eggs are used in the batter and no animal-derived fat is used in the oil, this type of tempura is generally vegan.

Preparation of Vegetable Tempura

When it comes to preparation, the same goes for restaurant-made vegetable tempura. As long as the ingredients mentioned above are vegan-friendly and not combined with any non-vegan ingredients, then it is typically vegan.

But be sure to double check with the chef, as there is always a chance that something may have been added that you were unaware of.


Vegetable tempura is often vegan as long as it is made with a vegan batter and no animal-derived fat is used in the oil. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to double-check with the chef to make sure the ingredients are vegan-friendly.

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