what can i use in brownies instead of vegetable oil

what can i use in brownies instead of vegetable oil

What Can I Use in Brownies Instead of Vegetable Oil?

Making brownies can be a fun way to spend an afternoon and a delicious treat to share with family and friends. However, some bakers want to use healthier ingredients. For those looking to avoid vegetable oil, it is possible to make delicious brownies without it. These are some of the options available:


This is perhaps the most obvious option since it is a traditional choice in baking. Butter can be used in the same quantity as vegetable oil, and it gives the brownies a richer flavor.


Using applesauce as a substitute for oil will make the brownies healthier and add a bit of sweetness. The ratio of applesauce to oil is 1:1, and its substitution will make for dense and moist brownies.


Using mashed avocado as a substitute for oil is a healthy and flavorful choice. This option will make for rich and creamy brownies, and the ratio of mashed avocado to oil is also 1:1.


This substitution gives the brownies a slightly tangy flavor and also adds a creaminess. Yogurt and oil should be used with the same ratio, and this can be a healthier option.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is one of the best substitutes for oil due to its buttery texture and rich chocolate flavor. Its ratio to oil is 1:1, and using it in your brownies will make them delicious and unique.

Brownies can be made without vegetable oil using these substitutes. All the ingredients discussed here will give the brownies a delicious flavor and delicious results. So, go ahead and get baking!

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