what can i use in brownies instead of vegetable oil

what can i use in brownies instead of vegetable oil

Tips for Using Alternative Oils in Your Brownies

Are you looking for a way to update your brownie recipe but not sure what alternative oil to use in place of vegetable oil? Not to worry – you have plenty of options! Read on for a list of tasty additions you can use to give your brownies a fresh look and awesome flavor.

How to Use Different Oils in Brownies:

  • Olive oil: Grab a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil for a nutty aroma and buttery flavor that pairs well with chocolate, making it an ideal replacement for vegetable oil.
  • Butter: Replace vegetable oil with an equal amount of melted butter or margarine, or try using a mixture of the two to really amp up the flavor of your brownies.
  • Coconut oil: Not only is coconut oil a healthier alternative, it adds a unique flavor and a bit of sweetness that is simply irresistible!
  • Sunflower oil: Add a subtle nutty flavor to your brownies with sunflower oil, a healthier option that is high in monounsaturated fats.

Tips for Using Oils in Your Brownies:

  • If you are using a liquid oil, it’s generally easier to incorporate it into your batter if you melt it in the microwave first before adding it to the mix.
  • For the best results, it’s best to measure out the same amount of oil your recipe calls for when substituting.
  • For a richer brownie, you can use a combination of melted butter and oil for more flavor and added moisture.
  • Whenever possible, try to use a high-quality neutral oil such as sunflower, grapeseed, canola, or peanut oil.

Now that you know all the different oils that can be used to give your brownies a fresh taste, you are ready to get baking! Whether you go for the classic vegetable oil or choose to opt for something more unique, you can be sure that your brownies will be a hit!

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