what color light for vegetative stage

what color light for vegetative stage

Understanding the Importance of Color Light during the Vegetative Stage

Having the right color light for plants during the vegetative stage is key to ensuring their optimal growth and development, and ultimately leads to a successful and lush harvest. There are a variety of color spectrums for plants, each of which triggers particular responses just like the human response to different colors of light. By understanding which colors to use during the vegetative stage, you will be able to ensure your plants thrive and boost your yields.

What is The Vegetative Stage?

The vegetative stage is the beginning of the plant’s life cycle. During this stage, it is important for the plant to be getting plenty of light, water, and nutrients to really promote and accelerate optimal growth. The vegetative stage typically lasts from one to two months and it is the foundation prior to the plant flowering and producing fruit.

Which Color Light to Use During the Vegetative Stage?

When considering which color light to use during the vegetative stage, the answer lies in understanding the importance of the spectral range.

  • Blue Light – Blue light is essential for vigorous growth. You should provide your plants with plenty of blue light to encourage dense foliage along with strong stems.
  • Red Light – Red light is also important during the vegetative stage. The combination of blue and red light will help stimulate your plant’s growth and promote the thickening of stems and other parts of the plant.
  • UVA and UVB Light– UV light is also beneficial during the vegetative stage as it will aid in chlorophyll production, help to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, and also boost flower development and quality.


When it comes to the vegetative stage of a plant’s life cycle, it is essential to provide the right color light to ensure optimal growth and development. Blue light helps to promote density and growth, while red light helps to thicken stems and other parts of the plant. Additionally, UV light is necessary for your plant to get the right amount of chlorophyll and support healthy flower development. With the right color light, you will end up with healthy and robust plants that will produce impressive yields.

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