what fruit or vegetable starts with u

what fruit or vegetable starts with u

Fruits and Vegetables That Start With ‘u’

For those looking to diversify their grocery list, here are some fruits and vegetables that start with the letter ‘U’.


  • Ugli Fruit – a citrus fruit that is similar to a tangelo.
  • Ugni Fruit – a fruit that is grown in Chile and has a taste similar to strawberries.
  • Uvaes – a round, orange fruit found in an island in Hawaii.
  • Ume Fruit – a sour fruit that is used to make umeboshi in Japan.


  • Ulluco – a root vegetable found in South America.
  • Uncaria Tomentosa – a woody vine that has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Urad Dal – used in Indian cooking, this is a split black gram.
  • Upo – a gourd with a light green skin that is native to Asia.

While ‘u’ is one of the least used letters when it comes to fruit and vegetables, there are still plenty of healthy options for those looking to add some diversity to their diet. From the Ugli to the Upo, there are plenty of ‘u’ options to choose from.

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