what goes well with vegetable soup

what goes well with vegetable soup

The Best Side Dishes To Serve With Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is a classic dish that can serve as a meal or a side. No matter how you serve it, however, it’s always better if you have a side dish to complement it. Here are a few of the best side dishes to serve with vegetable soup:


Nothing is more classic or staple to a bowl of soup than a piece of warm bread. It’s a great way to dip and soak up every drop of the soup, plus you get to enjoy a fresh piece of bread. If you want to make it a little extra, try cutting the bread into cubes or topping it with a topping like herbs or butter.


A light, easy-to-make salad is the perfect side dish for soup. It adds a crunch that compliments the smooth texture of soup nicely, and you can also personalize it any way you’d like. Top the salad with whatever veggies you have handy or opt for a classic combination of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.


Cheese is a great way to add a little extra flavor to soup. Shredded cheese can act as a garnish and add a rich flavor to soup, while grated cheese can serve as a topping for croutons or bread.


Nothing rounds out a vegetable soup quite like the crunch of croutons. Make them on your own from leftover bread and season them with herbs or garlic, or buy them pre-made and crunch away to your heart’s content.

Rice or Pasta

If you want to transform your vegetable soup into a complete, filling meal, consider adding some cooked rice or pasta. Both lend a satisfying texture to the soup and will fill you up quickly.

No matter how you serve it, vegetable soup is a classic dish that everyone loves. With the right side dish, you can make the delicious soup even more palatable. Add one of the above options to your next bowl of vegetable soup for an extra bit of flavor and texture.

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