what is a mirliton vegetable

what is a mirliton vegetable

What is a Mirliton Vegetable?

A mirliton vegetable, also known as a chayote squash, is a green, pear-shaped vegetable with a light, sweet, squash-like taste. It is native to Mexico and Central America, where it is popularly used in cooking.


Mirlitons have a thin, dark green skin with white bumps over the surface. The flesh inside is creamy to green and has a soft crunchy texture. Both the skin and flesh can be eaten, often cooked or in salads.

Nutritional Benefits

Mirliton vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary fiber. They also contain antioxidants, known to help prevent diseases such as cancer. Additionally, mirlitons are low in calories and cholesterol, making them a nutritious choice.


Mirliton vegetables can be used in a variety of dishes, including:

  • Stuffed – Stuff with a mixture of bread crumbs, cheeses, herbs and seasoning, then bake, fry or steam.
  • Soups & Stews – Add to a light squash soup, stew or casserole for added flavor.
  • Salads & Salsas – Create a unique and flavorful salad or salsa topping with mirlitons.
  • Pickles – Pickle and preserve in a brine for long-term storage.

Mirliton vegetables are a great addition to any meal and offer numerous health benefits. They can be found in many markets year-round, or you can grow your own at home!

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