what is moo shu vegetable

what is moo shu vegetable

What is Moo Shu Vegetable?

Moo Shu Vegetables is a popular Chinese dish that is often served with plain steamed rice. It is a combination of several vegetables that are stir-fried quickly and served with accompanying pancakes. The vegetables used in the dish may vary depending on the region and the chef’s individual preferences.

Ingredients Used

Moo Shu Vegetable is typically made with wood-ear mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, onions, and scrambled eggs. The vegetables can also be accompanied by ginger, garlic, and sesame oil.

Vegetarian Option

Moo Shu Vegetable is also popular as a vegetarian entree. To make the dish vegetarian, the chef uses an egg substitute and a vegetarian stir fry sauce instead of soy sauce. For extra flavor, the chef can add additional mushrooms, spices, and fruit to make it a unique dish.

Serving Moo Shu Vegetable

Moo Shu Vegetable is traditionally served with pancakes and hoisin sauce. The vegetable mixture is placed on the pancakes and folded. Usually, two pancakes are used for each person. The pancakes should be topped with extra sesame oil and hoisin sauce before being served. Some people prefer to wrap the vegetable mixture in lettuce leaves instead of using the pancakes.

Benefits of Moo Shu Vegetable

  • Low in Calories: Moo Shu Vegetable is a low calorie dish that uses mostly vegetables and little oil making it a healthier alternative to other stir fry dishes.
  • Versatile: Moo Shu Vegetable is a versatile dish that can be served with or without pancakes and in a variety of different ways depending on individual preference.
  • Nutrient Dense:Moo Shu Vegetables is a nutrient dense dish that contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. It is especially high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Iron.

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