what is vegetable chow fun

what is vegetable chow fun

What Is Vegetable Chow Fun?

Vegetable chow fun is one of the delicious classic Chinese noodle dishes. This dish is made of wide, flat rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables in a flavorful sauce. It is a popular dish in cuisine from southern Chinese regions like Guangdong, a coastal region in southern China.


Vegetable chow fun is made of the following ingredients:

  • Noodles: Wide, flat rice noodles are used as the base of the dish. Although you may use other types of noodles, using the flat rice noodles provides a unique texture and flavors.
  • Vegetables: The vegetables are the most important ingredient in vegetable chow fun. Bell peppers, zucchini, carrots and mushrooms are often used in the dish.
  • Sauce: The sauce is the second most important ingredient. Oyster sauce, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil and Shaoxing wine all contribute to the flavorful, savory sauce.

Preparation Tips

Vegetable chow fun is very simple to prepare.

  • The noodles should be soaked in cold water for at least 30 minutes to help break down and soften them.
  • The vegetables should be cut in small, bite-sized pieces so that you can have a nice mix of vegetables in each bite.
  • Mix together all the ingredients for the sauce and set aside. This helps to ensure that the sauce is perfectly balanced.
  • Once the noodles, vegetables and sauce are prepared, it is best to quickly stir-fry them in a wok over high heat for 30-60 seconds for the best flavor and texture.

Serving Suggestions

Vegetable chow fun is always served hot and is best enjoyed with a bowl of steamed white rice. It is also commonly served with crunchy, deep-fried wonton strips on top. You can also serve it as part of a larger Chinese meal. Enjoy!

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