what is vegetable glycerin in dog treats

what is vegetable glycerin in dog treats

What is Vegetable Glycerin in Dog Treats?

Vegetable glycerin is a sweetener and humectant, meaning it retains moisture. It is also a vegetarian and vegan alternative to animal-sourced glycerin. That makes it a great choice for dog treats and other food items that are intended to be consumed by dogs.

Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin in Dog Treats

Vegetable glycerin has several benefits in dog treats:

  • It’s a natural sweetener: Glycerin has a sweet taste but it doesn’t have the calories or the sugar that comes with other sweeteners like honey or molasses. This makes it a great way to naturally sweeten a recipe, while still keeping the calorie and sugar content low.
  • It’s a humectant: Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it helps to draw moisture into the treats. This helps to keep the treats from drying out over time which is important for longer shelf life.
  • It’s a preservative: Glycerin helps to keep ingredients from spoiling or going bad. This means that the treats will last longer and taste better for longer periods of time.
  • It’s vegan: Since the glycerin is plant-based, it makes it a great alternative to animal-sourced glycerin in recipes that are intended to be vegan or vegetarian-friendly.


Vegetable glycerin is a great addition to dog treats as it not only provides sweet flavor, but also helps to keep the treats moist and prevents them from spoiling. It’s a natural, vegan alternative to animal-sourced glycerin, making it an ideal choice for vegan and vegetarian-friendly food items.

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