what is vegetal leather

what is vegetal leather

Vegetable Leather

Vegetable leather, also known as ‘vegan leather’, is an animal-free alternative to traditional leather. It’s made from plant-based materials like pineapple leaves, cork, fruit waste, mushrooms, and recycled plastic. It can be produced in a range of textures, thicknesses and finishes, and is commonly used in fashion accessories, apparel and footwear.


  • Healthy: Vegetable leather is derived from non-animal sources and therefore is much healthier to wear.
  • Eco-Friendly: It is an environmentally friendly material which uses no animal products, therefore reducing the use of the resources necessary to raise animals.
  • Affordable: Vegetable leather is generally more affordable than traditional leather.
  • Durable: Vegetable leather is usually more durable than animal hide and can withstand wear and tear better.


  • Aesthetics: Some vegetable leather products do not look like traditional leather and may not have the aesthetic appeal of animal hide.
  • Unsustainable Sources: If the sources used to produce the vegetable leather are unsustainable, it will have a negative environmental impact.
  • Chemicals: The manufacturing process of vegetable leather can result in residue chemicals which could be hazardous to the environment, and to human health.


Vegetable leather is increasing in popularity as a great alternative for animal hide. It is a more ethical and eco-friendly material than regular leather and can be used for a variety of fashion items. However, it is important to be aware of the possible drawbacks, such as the environmental impact of its production.

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