what is vegeta’s last name

what is vegeta’s last name

Vegeta’s Last Name

Vegeta is a major character in the Dragon Ball franchise. Fans have long wondered what Vegeta’s last name is, and various clues throughout the series have been provided as to the nature of his full name.

Vegeta’s Name History

When Vegeta first appeared in Dragon Ball Z in 1989, it was revealed that he is the Prince of a Saiyan people known as the Vegeta-sei. He was born with the name Vegeta, and it is later revealed that his full name is Vegeta Saiyan no Ouji (Prince Vegeta). It is unclear if Saiyan is part of his full name, as it is never addressed directly in the series.

Vegeta’s Name in Pop Culture

In popular culture, Vegeta has become a recognizable character and his full name is often debated. It has been suggested that Vegeta’s full name could be Vegeta Saiyan no Ouji, though this has never been officially confirmed.


Taken together, it is clear that Vegeta’s full name has never been officially revealed, leaving fans to speculate as to what it might be. However, it is generally agreed that Vegeta’s last name is likely Saiyan no Ouji, though this is yet to be officially confirmed.


  • In Japanese, Vegeta is spelled ベジータ
  • The name Vegeta comes from the English word “vegetable”
  • Saiyan is the name of a race in the Dragon Ball franchise
  • Vegeta is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball franchise

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