what planet is vegeta from

what planet is vegeta from

Vegeta’s Home Planet

The renowned Dragon Ball ​Super Saiyan Prince Vegeta hails from the distant planet of Vegeta, named by King Vegeta in honor of his royal lineage. Vegeta is a powerful warrior, ruler, and a skilled fighter from an alien race known as the Saiyans.

Saiyan History and Culture

Saiyans are a warrior race that originated from the planet Vegeta. They have a strong sense of pride and honor that drives their every action, with a strong emphasis on strength, loyalty, and power. Saiyans are known to fight with intense passion and they go to great lengths to prove their worth, even at the expense of their own lives.

Planet Vegeta

Planet Vegeta is the Saiyans’ home world and it is home to many powerful warriors. It is an ancient, war-torn planet where the surviving Saiyans have long endured brutal battles and live in a survival of the fittest mentality. The planet is surrounded by a swirling red aura, reflecting its dark and turbulent history.

Endangered Species

Planet Vegeta carries a dark and destructive history, which has caused the planet to become a barren wasteland. As a result, many species have become endangered, including the Saiyans themselves, as the number of Saiyans left on the planet is very small.

Destruction of Planet Vegeta

The destruction of Planet Vegeta became a reality when Frieza sent the planet destroying Supernova to the planet. Thankfully, the Saiyans were able to escape the destruction of the planet and many of them were able to find refuge on Earth, while a few stayed on the planet until it was eventually destroyed.


In summary, Vegeta is a powerful Saiyan warrior prince who comes from the distant and troubled planet of Vegeta. It was here that Vegeta and his people endured centuries of bitter wars, oppression, and ultimately destruction. Despite the destruction of his home planet, the spirit and will of Vegeta and his people still live on and their legacy continues through the warriors of today. Though Vegeta no longer has a home planet, he will remain as a symbol of hope and strength for future generations.

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