what to do with vegetable garden at end of season

what to do with vegetable garden at end of season

5 Things To Do With Your Vegetable Garden At The End Of The Season

It’s almost the end of the season and you’re wondering what to do with the vegetable garden. You’ve had a great season and you’re wondering how to wrap it up. Here are five ways to wrap up the gardening season, so you can start anew in the spring.

1. Harvest your Vegetables

Don’t forget to collect your final veggie haul! The reward for a season of tending your veggies, is getting to eat the fruits of your own labour. Gather the last of your vegetables from the garden, before the frost sets in.

2. Remove Debris

Now it’s time to clear out the debris. This includes removing the spent plants and any debris they have left behind. After you’ve cleared away the debris, you’ll have a much easier time tending to your garden when the season rolls around again.

3. Add Compost to Your Soil

If your garden soil is depleted, you can add compost. Compost consists primarily of organic matter such as leaves, grass clippings and kitchen scraps. This will help to add much-needed nutrients and organic matter to your soil, and will help to improve its fertility and structure.

4. Mulch Around Plants and Beds

Mulch helps to keep the soil warm and moist in the winter, as well as preventing weeds from growing. Add a layer of mulch around your plants and beds, to help protect them over the winter months.

5. Prune Your Plants

Make sure to prune your plants before the winter season sets in. Prune away spent flowers, branches and leaves, as well as any dead or dying stems and branches. This will help to promote healthier growth in your garden when the season arrives again.


These are five things you can do to wrap up your gardening season. Make sure to harvest all your vegetables, clear out debris, add compost to your soil, mulch around your beds and prune your plants, so you can begin the season with a healthy, thriving garden.

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