what to do with vegetable garden at end of season

what to do with vegetable garden at end of season

What To Do With Your Vegetable Garden At End Of Season

Once the growing season for your vegetable garden draws to a close, there are a few steps you should take to ensure your garden is properly prepared for the winter and ready for next season. Here are some tips for what you should do with your vegetable garden at the end of the season:

Clear and Clean the Vegetable Garden

  • Remove all remaining plants and debris from the garden.
  • Remove weeds, pests and insects from the garden.
  • Clean up any leftover debris and rake the beds to prepare them for next season.

Fertilize the Soil

  • Remove any existing mulch or soil amendments.
  • Test the soil to determine the specific nutrient needs of your garden.
  • Add amendments to the soil such as compost or manure to replenish nutrients.

Prepare Beds for Winter

  • Spread a thick layer of mulch over the garden beds to protect them from temperature extremes.
  • Replace any damaged or rotting boards of the beds to prevent further damage.
  • Add a layer of leaves or straw to your vegetable beds for additional insulation for your plants.

Once you have finished the above steps, your vegetable garden is ready for the winter and you can look forward to a successful growing season next year.

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